Our Mission Statement

Kilkenny LEADER Partnership will lead and facilitate the creation of an integrated local development strategy to improve the economic, social and cultural quality of life of the people, communities and small enterprises of all County Kilkenny.


Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) is a non profit, community-le organization with nearly 30 years of experience in community development, through a wide range of services including training, employment supports, grants and advice.  KLP has been at the forefront of driving local development and improving the economic, social, and cultural quality of life for the people, communities, and small enterprises of County Kilkenny.

KLP works through the Rural Development Programme (LEADER), Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme (SICAP), Local Area Employment Services(LAES), and other supporting programmes and initiatives. The organisation empowers local communities to improve their quality of life by providing grant aid to innovative rural businesses and communities and development officer support to disadvantaged or marginalised communities and individuals.

KLP has a rich history of over 30 year’s experience securing, managing and funding innovative and dynamic projects for the benefit of the local community.  We trace our orgins back to 2008 when the roles of Barrow Nore Suir Rural Development (BNS), Castlecomer District Community Development Network (CDCD), Kilkenny community Action Network (KCAN) combined into one integrated company- KLP.  This was the result of the government’s decision on the integration of the functions and missions of local development companies operating in the rural development and social inclusion sectors.  In 1991, KLP secured the LEADER programme for the county and subsequently the Social Inclusion programme in 1995. The organisation is led by a voluntary board of directors comprising representatives from community and voluntary groups, social partners, local government, and state bodies.

At KLP, the focus is on promoting community development, supporting sustainable rural development, and strengthening the local economy. The organisation places a strong emphasis on building partnerships with stakeholders, promoting equality and diversity, and fostering a strong sense of community spirit. With a dedicated team of staff and a passion for driving change at the local level, KLP is committed to creating a better future for the people of County Kilkenny.