A Thomastown husband and wife team with a passion for preserve making has produced a variety of memorable and delicious jams:  Joan and Bob’s Juicy Jams.  The launch of this new entrepreneurship was supported by the Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) services for micro enterprises under the Local Community Development Programme (LCDP).

Joan and Bob’s Juicy Jams are made with all natural ingredients and set using only natural pectin. They grow, harvest and handpick most of their own fruit, which is handmade into small batches guaranteeing spreadable goodness every time. Their jams are created using unique recipe and flavour combinations, such as their Wild Blackberry, Elderberry and Pinot Noir and the popular Strawberry and Kiwi.

Both qualified fine art painters, they use their artistic skills to design their own unique packaging.   They ultimately complete the journey of their jam; from the potting, labelling, and marketing to the delivery.

You can find their preserves in select Artisan food stores, craft butchers, health food shops and cafes.  Bob and Joan carry out regular tastings of their products.  Visit their website for more information:  www.joanandbobsjuicyjams.com

KLP is pleased to offer a service that supports individuals with a business idea develop into a sustainable enterprise.