Whats Cooking in the Kilkenny School of Food?

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The youths aproned up for a full, practical cooking day in the Thomastown School of Food. They built up their confidence by mastering a recipe of delicious scones!  The students were then ready to take their chef skills to the next level:  meatballs, pasta with homemade sauce, pork yuk sung and an appetizing apple crumble.   Instructor, PJ Delaney commented, “I am confident in saying that every student should be able to cook a full meal for themselves so as to give them independence, be it in college or at home.  It is a great confidence boost for anyone to prepare a meal and not have to rely on frozen food.  It also has the obvious health benefits that go with using fresh produce.”

Gone Fishing…..

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For the next trip, the enthusiastic group of youths set off at 8.30am for an exciting fishing trip in Kilmore, Wexford.  The catch of the day was cod and pollock. One student remarked, “We had fished before but never “like real fishermen do it.”   Instructor P.J Delaney added, “While the fishing was fantastic it was the peacefulness of the sea that some of the students appreciated the most.  Possible, this has encouraged one or two of them to take up fishing, as the relaxation that came with just drifting and waiting on the boat was something that one student in particular enjoyed.”   Each student had some fillets to show for their endeavours and happily and proudly carried them home.

What is Youthreach?
Youthreach is a Department of Education and Skills official education, training and work experience programme for early school leavers aged 15 – 20. It offers young people the opportunity to identify options within adult life, and provides them with opportunities to acquire certification. As it operates on a full-time, year-round basis, Youthreach has a continuous intake policy.  Website: www.youthreach.ie/

KLP Support
KLP has supported Youthreach by part funding events, providing tutors, supplies etc. through the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP).  KLP with the support of the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) will deliver the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) in Kilkenny. SICAP replaces the Local Community Development Programme, which KLP delivered from 2010-2015. The new social inclusion programme aims to improve the life chances and opportunities of those who are marginalised in society, living in poverty or in unemployment through community development approaches, targeted supports and interagency collaboration, where the values of equality and inclusion are promoted and human rights are respected.

Participants who have completed the Youthreach programme can contact KLP Youth Development Officer, Alison Allan for one to one support.