Today, the 4th of July is a big day for Americans. But it’s also a key date in the short life of Trail Kilkenny, as Ann Phelan of Detail Marketing will start her role as Marketing Consultant to the company. Ann will be based in the Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) offices for two days a week. Her brief is to deliver on the development and marketing goals of the company’s new business plan.

Ann Phelan, Trail Kilkenny’s new Marketing & Development Executive

Ann comes to the role as one of the original designers of the Trail Kilkenny branding back in 2006. She has continued to be involved with the company since then – including working on the re-branding and re-launch of the Made in Kilkenny – Craft Trail and Taste of Kilkenny – Food Trail. Her background is in the marketing and branding for the ‘high-end’ hospitality and tourism sector in both the UK and Ireland. One of Ann first priorities will be to deliver of the Garden and Ghost Trails, which Trail Kilkenny has researched and intends to launch later this year. She will also undertake an extensive review and re-development of the branding material, guides, maps, etc.

Ann will work closely with Eoin Hogan, KLP’s Rural Recreation Officer on realising the business plan’s vision for the integrated development, management and marketing of what, (in an effort to be inclusive), we have taking to calling ‘leisure trails’ in the county. From here on Eoin’s work will focus on the development of the physical trails – walking, cycling, canoe, etc., while Ann will concentrate on the marketing, integration of themed (craft, food, etc.) into the overall package. Eoin will continue to contribute to the development of the Trail Kilkenny marketing brand, where he has already made a huge impact. This is most obviously seen in his pioneering development of the award-winning Trail Kilkenny iPhone ‘app’.

Another addition to Trail Kilkenny’s marketing reach was launched this week with the opening of the company’s Promotion Point in the Kiosk on the Parade. Small but perfectly situated- this centrally located (could it be any more so?), outlet it’s already attracting significant interest in its first few days.  Guides and maps to all of the Trail Kilkenny suite of trails ae available free of charge there. Our thanks to our partners in local authorities for “the loan of the hall” and specifically to the Parade Warden for his agreeing to share the space with us. Exciting times indeed!