Thomastown is the latest town to get a revamp which will  increase the social attractiveness of the village.  Other towns that benefited from the Village  Renewal Works were Ballyragget, Callan and Graiguenamanagh.  Kilkenny LEADER Partnership approved funding for €354,000 for renovations for Thomastown under LEADER measure Village Renewal and Development.


The goals of the renovations will be to improve the visual amenity to make the area more attractive which will in turn  support the commercial enterprises and tourism in the area; improve the existing commercial environment by improving the existing pedestrian facilities , street furniture, etc;  improve public safety through the associated traffic calming and regulated  parking that would stem from the proposed footpath improvements and improve pedestrian safety by providing  new improved street lighting, signage & amenity focused work.


The project involves the removal of existing of existing overhead cables and timber poles and associated services; the provision of new underground ducting and chambers to facilitate the removal of the overhead services; and environmental upgrading of the existing streetscape using high quality paving materials and street furniture.


It is hoped that upon completion of the works in all the areas, that it will  lead to sustainable development and prosperity for the villages.