The Ukrainian response team at KLP recognized a pressing demand among clients who lacked access to their own cooking facilities. Additionally, small groups were often in search of a suitable venue to celebrate special occasions. To address these needs, KLP, in collaboration with The Involvement Centre, successfully obtained access to a community kitchen for an innovative pilot project. 

This initiative has proven very popular!  Afghan clients have found immense joy in utilizing this communal kitchen, which has allowed them to unite as a group and prepare their cherished traditional dishes. In this shared kitchen space, they found relaxation in the act of cooking, engaged in heartfelt conversations, shared laughter, and even played music. The sensory experience of the kitchen – the delightful aromas, the harmonious sounds, and the overall atmosphere – has been a source of great upliftment for all involved.

Any clients who wish to have use of the kitchen can do so by booking in through the SICAP team.  Contact us: 056 7752111