With support from Kilkenny LEADER Partnership’s New Food Enterprise Services, Mary Deevy has identified a niche market for nutritious, health-inspired cookie mixes.  Her convenient Butterfly Valley – Natural Cookie Mix replaces “less-nutritious” ingredients with healthy alternatives such as coconut, oats, and dried fruit.Mary Deevey6

Mary stated “A lot of the cookies/biscuits we buy are very processed and high in sugar, so I wanted to develop a cookie which had a lower sugar content and contains some other good stuff like oats, coconut, raw cane sugar, chocolate chips (high cocoa content) and dried fruit.  Oats are a great source of fibre and one of the top ten superfoods. The mixes contain about 30% Oats”.

The Butterfly Valley – Natural Cookie Mix offers a tasty, healthier alternative to a lot of products currently on the market. The mixes are very easy to prepare with very little assembling or measuring of ingredients.  It makes an ideal cookery activity for children.

Mary added, “I have just recently put the product into a couple of smaller shops as ‘Natural Cookie Mix’ and I would like to develop other products in the range.  I believe there is a big demand for healthier alternatives as people become much more aware of the importance of the food that we give ourselves and our children.”
KLP supported this project through its New Emerging Food Producers Services