Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP), Waterford Area Partnership and Ferrybank Library collaborated to bring together a diverse group of people of different ages, cultural backgrounds and creative experiences.  As a group, ‘Connecting Generations’ produced a beautiful and truly unique wall hanging, which displayed in the Ferrybank Library.

The project aimed to bring different generations together and restore a sense of community, by promoting self-expression and self-esteem across all ages. It also encouraged the participants to explore local history while acquiring a sense of the diversity of people that live in the area.

Each week the designs developed and the fabrics were sewn together by hand. Their work emerged as a collage of colour, pattern, shapes and images that were personal and individual. Participants acquired new skills and developed existing ones.

Over the twelve weeks a sense of comradeship, trust and friendship built up within the group, with a willingness to support one another with sewing techniques as well as opportunities to share stories from the past and the present. This built up a rich patchwork and tapestry of thoughts, ideas and reminiscences that fed into the creative process and the final piece.