On Friday the 3rd of October KilkennyLEADERPartnership (KLP), iResource Training and the Department Of Social Protection (DSP) met with a group of local employers to explore new possibilities for placements on upcoming KLP KickStart Programmes and to collect feedback from local businesses that will help shape the Co. Kilkenny Employability Strategy 2015 – 2018.

The meeting started with Ann Marie McSorley and Bob Monks from iResourceTraining introducing the latest group of ‘Kick-starters’. Each participant gave a quick personal introduction.Employment Event (21)

Ann Marie gave an overview of how the KickStart programme works and the benefits for participants and employers where projects are developed and implemented. The DSP representatives outlined their offers to employers in term of recruitment. This includes matching their caseload with local job opportunities and the Employer Job (PRSI) Incentive.

Martin Rafter from KLP facilitated an informative discussion that addressed employer needs when it comes to recruitment and the challenges employers meet. These challenges include: shortage of particular skill sets, dispositions of potential candidates (communication, presentation and motivation) and the lack of a facility to help find people. They also expressed their frustration with the lack of training resources being invested in areas such as hospitality, the auto industry and other trades where current and future demand can be seen.

The basis of this discussion will be fed in to the new employability Strategy KLP is developing. KLP is reviewing its Employability Strategy to accurately track the current shifts in the economy and the labour market. Over the next few months, KLP will be liaising with our service users, partner service providers and employers about the next strategy and what they think should be in it.

Follow up interviews will take place with local business representatives from a broad range of sectors to enrich the information gathered.