Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP) has made a huge difference to communities throughout the county since its inception in 2009. The quality of the work undertaken by the Rural Development, Local Community Development and other programmes coordinated by KLP, has been ground breaking, particularly in times when economic disadvantage and changes to our social environment make this more difficult.

Ann PheleanThrough its bottom-up approach, KLP provides local people the opportunity to participate in the development of their own local economies and communities.

The roll-out of their programmes inspire confidence throughout each community by identifying and facilitating the strengths, skills, talent and knowledge in each area. KLP responds on an almost individual need in a unique way that cannot be compared to any other sector. Throughout the past number of years, we have seen investments in our local communities on a very large scale. This service from KLP cannot and should not go unnoticed.

I would like to see this community-led approach, built upon and in collaboration with the Local Authority, other statutory agencies and social partners. This combined effort will ensure that support is given to projects that have potential, driving forward our communities and our local economies, into the future.