Heritage Building Skills Training Course

This programme aims to train under-employed people in the skills involved in the repairs and maintenance of heritage stone built buildings. It is particularly relevant to people with experience of blocklaying or plastering who do not have experience of conservation of traditional stone work or of lime plastering. With a number of larger projects developing in the conservation of heritage buildings in Callan and Kilkenny, we expect there will be a good prospect for employment in this field.

There will be two distinct strands in the programme:



Stone Masonry                             —             4 trainees

This will be hands-on training in stone preparation and laying, pointing, all repairs, etc. This will be accompanied by an educational element relating to the heritage of stonework and its conservation: traditional styles, construction techniques of different eras, conservation attitudes and theory.

40 days training          2 days per week for 20 weeks

The course will be based in the Callan Workhouse with different projects taking place at Westcourt walled garden and a medieval wall in the Abbey Meadow, and will also involve educational field trips.

The course will be based in Westcourt Walled Garden and will be move between three sites in Callan: Westcourt, Abbey Meadow and the Workhouse. It will also include field trips to other heritage stone building projects.

It will begin on October 1st and will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Lime Plastering/Painting        —             8 trainees

Because of the different character of plastering skills, this course will be delivered in three shorter phases and will involve substantial experience of actual rendering as well as an educational element about traditional buildings, building skills and the conservation ethos.

12 days training            2 days training per week for six weeks

The course will be based in the Callan Workhouse and will involve projects in the Workhouse plus field trips.

It will begin on September 30th and will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Contact: KLP Development Officer:  Frances Cashman or Promoter Pat Lydon 087 7972717