Ceramic artist, Mark Campden has been a potter for over twenty years. Working in the traditional majolica technique, his pieces are first formed in earthenware clay and covered with a white tin glaze. The surface then becomes his canvas for meticulous decoration. Each detail in Mark’s work is hand painted onto the piece in fluid brushstrokes, rich in imagery inspired by nature.

Form and surface decoration have always been the focus of Caroline Dolan’s work. Her newest creations demonstrate this again with an obvious delight in the use of colour.  Her sculptural forms are full of joyful energy and character while her functional tableware is designed to bring light and colour into our lives.

Mark and Caroline create all of their work at The Bridge Pottery in Burnchurch in Kilkenny and as a visit to their gallery shop will affirm, the nature that surrounds them in this glorious rural setting is inspirational in both their works.  Both are members of MADE in Kilkenny Craft Trail and their participation in the MADE group means there’s a number of events and exhibitions through the year that they’re heavily involved in. Caroline explains ‘It’s a craft community and we both enjoy being part of events like the Trail Kilkenny Long Table dinner for which we made several pieces to be paired with local produce – it’s a nice co-operation between local artisan producers and a good way of showcasing Kilkenny’s artisan offerings’.

The Bridge Pottery Gallery Shop, Burnchurch is open six days from 10am to 6pm.