“Bowling on the green” is a sport that has fascinated both young and old for many years.
It offers an opportunity to hang out with friends, enjoy a laugh, exercise and get plenty of fresh air. With support from Kilkenny LEADER Partnership (KLP), Urlingford locals and visitors will soon be able to enjoy all those benefits with a new community bowling lawn.

bowling green_0436web

The Mill Family Resource Centre, which offers education and training services in Urlingford, approached KLP with a new community initiative. The plans involved converting the green area adjacent to St Kieran’s Homes for the Elderly, into an artificial bowling lawn. KLP and the Mill Family Resource Centre are partners in the realisation of this project, which will provide a social outlet and promotes community connectedness.

The low impact physical activity associated with bowling is recommended to improve fitness, coordination, and skill development. No other game has been more highly recommended by health authorities for seniors than the game of bowls. The game is also good for the mind, as studies show that it increases confidence and enhances mental well-being. For the more competitive, the project will also promote monthly tournaments, which will encourage networking with other groups in the surrounding areas.

This project has been awarded €22,182.00 in funding through the KLP Programme under measure Village Renewal and Development.