Trail Kilkenny has a dedicated team working on the development and maintenance of walking routes throughout the county.  Made up from participants of the Rural Social Scheme, this group of skilled workers tackle the day-to-day challenges of maintaining and creating walking trails for outdoor enthusiasts, walkers and hikers.

The Rural Social Scheme gives farmers the opportunity to work on the farm while giving their income a welcome boost.  In return, rural Kilkenny reaps the benefits; as the expertise contributed by participants enhance the social and physical resources of the communities.  Christine Walshe, coordinator of Kilkenny’s Rural Social Scheme said, “The scheme has also made a considerable difference to the rural communities who value their commitment and dedication.”

Harry Everard, Trail Kilkenny Co-ordinator said, “The RSS team is an essential part of the success of the Trail Kilkenny project. In partnership with the landowners they construct new trail sections, upgrade trail infrastructure and maintain the trails in good condition for the enjoyment of walkers”

Trial Kilkenny would like to thank the RSS team for their dedication to keeping the trails in Kilkenny up to standard.